Sunday, May 28, 2006

I just realized I have had this blog now for more than a year! And I have had 1833 visitors.  That's not very many for a whole year!  But it's quality, not quantity people.

I had to work tonight (Sunday is becoming Monday right now).  Welcome to the life of the new kid.  I didn't mind it though.  It's amazing the transformation a newsroom takes on on weekends and holidays.  There are no managers and not as many pressures.  Not as much news.  The phone isn't ringing off the hook.  And there are good things like people going out for food, flip flops, jeans, and plenty of time to work with.  It's almost like a vacation, but you're still at work.  Imagine, people.  Work with me.  It's NICE.

I had a very low key weekend.  Let's see, there was a walk in the park (literally).  A Lifetime movie (it's been a while, so it was nice).  Lifetime is like a tuna sandwich.  You would never agree to having it on a day to day basis, but every once in a while, it's REALLY good.  I sat out back and read (Anderson Cooper's new book is out -- he's SUCH a cutie)

Oh, and today I finally had one of life's simple pleasures I had yet to enjoy on my own.  The iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts.  FABULOUS.  PERIOD.  I am so psyched I have discovered that for $1.71 I can have the summertime fix for my caffine needs.  And it's on my way to work.  See you soon DD!!

Okay, that's about it.  Sorry I've been short on posts lately.  I've been reflective, and I don't like to get too mushy or personal in this space.Americanflag

Please, please, PLEASE take time out today away from your day off, shopping, grilling out, to say a prayer for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the men and women who have died in war, proecting America and what our values and beliefs are all about.  There are thousands of men and women in danger today and they need our support and prayers.  While you're on this wavelength, please pray specifically for my friend, Jeff.  He has some really beautiful dreams he'd like to live to see come true.  I'd like that for him too.  Please pray for him today.Meandterp

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