Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Goodbye Katie

Katie20nbc200x150_1Yes, I saw it.  What I could anyway.  Yes, I cried. Too bad I couldn't call in sick or go into work late.  I haven't had a day of seriously considering that in order to watch a television event since President Ronald Reagan's funeral. 

So, as previously established, I am a Katie Couric fan in this world that seems to be increasingly leaning towards the Katie haters.  I am not jumping ship.  I love Katie, okay?  Seriously, this sounds dumb but for real:  Although we have never actually met, Katie Couric had an impact on my career.  No, I've never met her... but I became obsessed with the Today show when I was in middle school, around the same time Katie started co-hosting Today.  When Matt Lauer got on board, I was even more interested, hello!!  Seriously, I wanted to be "the next Katie Couric" like millions of other American girls.  When I graduated from high school, some of the cards I got were addressed to "The future Miss Katie Couric."  Now, we all know, my career ended up taking me down a slightly different path, producing.  And I LOVE PRODUCING.  I feel like I was created to do this job.  And I landed it because I pursued a career in TV news, because when I was 13, I wanted to be like Katie.  So, Katie haters, take that.

Plus, how can you hate a woman who has saved countless lives from the grips of colon cancer?  Katie is smart, savvy, cute, funny... what more could you want in a woman, a journalist, or a role model?  I admit, there have been times over the years where I have wished she would be so into herself, or she wouldn't be so blatantly liberal, but there is forgiveness.

I don't know how many people realize this, or how many people will officially label me a freak for this, but did you know my cat is named after Katie Couric?  I woke her up this morning to see the sweetest goodbye edition of the broadcast.  She didn't seem to appreciate that, or be very interested in the television.  She did, however, get a bonus meal, breakfast, out of it.  That, she dug. New_pics_068_1

One more note, shout out to my favorite evening news anchor (sorry Katie) Brian Williams. is the one year anniversary of his blog! It is a fabulous place, and I wish I still had the time for daily visits to the "Daily Nightly" during my day.  I loved reading during the day how Nightly News's rundown was shaping up.  Now I read it in the evenings, it's not the same.

Brian vs. Katie vs. Charlie.  Three greats. I can't wait!! I SO need to get a DVR again!!


Courtney said...

I'm right there with you about Katie! I had to work this morning so I did tape the Farewell to Katie. I haven't even got through the first 30 minutes before crying! It is a sad day. I will watch tomorrow too just to check out Meredith...But I'm not a big fan of hers!!

Carrie said...

I sat glued to the TV that bittersweet morning. No kidding, there were several times that I cried! I also Tivo'd the entire 3 hours. It was truly moving. I still faithfully watch the Today show but it's just not the same.