Wednesday, May 31, 2006

getting it white

New_pics_074_2Okay, so if I remember correctly, the fashion rule is after labor day you can wear white shoes.  Does the same apply for white pants?  I just bought a pair, and was thinking of sporting them tomorrow.  That is, if the fat on my legs isn't too fierce.  (yes, I tried them on and photographed, to get an outside opinion) That would definitely make the white pants out of question.  Isn't it crazy how your body looks different from day to day?  Do you think that's all mental? Why is it, I ask, that NO MATTER how much weight I lose... I am still cursed with chubby sausage thighs?  Why?  My mother and grandmother don't have this problem.  Genetics is out.  Why me?? Why me?? (cue the Nancy Kerrigan tape)


Gretchen said...

AHAHAH.I hear that! I say sport the white pants, they are cute. I actually need a pair for vacation. I have to start looking.

Carrie said...

I've struggled with this one too. All my life I heard the rule...but now I read in all the fashion magazines those rules are what's a girl to do?! Actually, they say you can wear white pants AND white shoes after Labor Day. Last winter was all about white. Of course you know I'm in Lynchburg and we're always light years behind what's what do I know!