Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Images_4Tonight I got a pep talk from an unlikely person.  It was just what I needed to hear.  Some perspective. Thanks.  Work was more bearable today.  Not so Sisyphus.  Thank God.  This morning I woke up late because I took Tylenol PM too late last night.  Ever had a TPM hangover?  Not fun.  Two words. SLOW MOTION. All morning.  Now, I usually enjoy about 3 cups of home brew before it starts coating my teeth, and I've had about enough.  This morning, I required a full pot.

I received a precious Easter card from my Granny.  Seriously, one of the sweetest, kindest people alive.  She put an old newspaper article in there with a picture of my Papa handing out guides at the polls in November of 1970!  I didn't even know this article exsisted.  It is precious.  She also put in some really funny pictures of me when I was little.  Most are too embarassing to share.


I was a rebel tonight.  Totally didn't do my Tuesday night routine.  No gym. Bad Dana.  I ate a Pepperoni Roll from GetGo for dinner.  Bad Dana again.  Hopefully, I won't be adding to my 3 lb gain, but at the rate I'm going... no promises.  I need to get it together!! 

Back to GetGo.  Now I'm all about the fuel perks (only Pittsburghers will get this one, don't stress.. if you're curious, e-mail me, I'll explain) so I work the GetGo.  Bad news.  Bad, very bad coffee.  Now I home brew the hazelnut Market District coffee, and it's quite enjoyable, however, I've tried it not once, but twice now, from the GetGo and it's disgusting.  Like right up there with the tv news station sludge nasty.  Unacceptable.  The pepperoni rolls, on the other hand, now they're fabulous.

Images_5 I missed my girls tonight.  Gilmore, that is.  If you saw it... please fill me in!! I'm dying here without my DVR.  I couldn't watch because I was talking to Granny and my pep talk giver on the phone.  I know I made the right decision... but Rory and Lorelai, what's going on?


Gretchen said...

I gained 3 this week too...damn outback. Oh yeah..that MJB song rules....go ghetto fab.

christin said...

ok on Gilmores - pretty boring episode but to me they never are. boring as in - not much happened. Lorelai caught her parents house-shopping. that part was really funny, actually. Emily starts playing cards with a little girl in the diner she thinks is Luke's daughter, but it's not...and then she gets mad at the little girl. Rory and Logan are not doing well, Logan is an idiot, and Rory obvs. doesn't love him, but whatever. Rory goes to Philly to visit Jess. they kiss, then she says she can't cuz' she loves Logan. DUH. stupid girl. and I'm not a Jess fan overall, but in this case - much more so than the Cheater. Luke takes April on a field trip and that's funny. And other than that, nothing much happened. Oh, hilarious dream sequence in the beginning involving Paul Anka the dog and the REAL Paul Anka.