Sunday, April 9, 2006

The Saturday Evening Post

Yesterday was Saturday.  And it was fabulous.  Gretchen and I met up and went a jewelry party.  Ha!  Don't we sound fabulous!  These parties always crack me up.  Fill in the blank parties.  Tupperware parties.  Pampered Chef parties.  Candle Parties.  They're all quite cultish if you ask me... think about it... everyone kind of feels a little pressured to go/buy something.  Then once you get there, you feel yourself getting sucked in.  I kind of like this stuff!  What will I buy?  Should I have a party?  See?  You get hooked.  I kind of vow to never host one of these things, much in the same way I vow to never drive a mini-van.  We'll see.  I also once tried to stir a coup for not wearing 3/4 inch sleeves and also vowed I would never have bangs again. (both of which I'm sporting right now)  All cult jokes aside, I had a good time... and I will at least be a little more accessorized in a couple of new weeks when my marvelous new bracelet arrives.

So after the party, we were driving around, and mid-conversation, Gretchen stops me. We have to turn around because she saw something completely hilarious.  Totally worth turning around for:New_pics_015New_pics_014_2  Look closely..  yeah, it totally says "A Poor Man's Hummer."  Don't New_pics_016_1New_pics_018New_pics_017_1we look cute and all "Price is Right," modeling next to the sweet ride? And it's a Kia!!  Kia's are cool if you have one, my dad has one, no diss... but it was just so funny.  And even better than this clever marketing campaign was the price!  The Poor Man's Hummer will set you back about $8,000.  Isn't that a bit much?  You'll have to ask Abba.  Or maybe Abba's son. The Poor Man's Hummer is available at this fine establishment.  Surprisingly, however... it's not parked in the showroom! Now is that any way to show off your prized seller?  The Poor Man's Hummer was however parked on the corner of the lot... prime real estate in used car sales, I'm guessing.

New_pics_021So after the party, and the above mentioned outing, we headed to one of my favorite places on earth: Target.  Only this Target was special.  It was all mod and well lit, and it's a good thing, because look what we found lurking in the women's clothing aisle! Somebody better check on the Tin Man, he's probably cold... because Issac Mizzrahi stole his coat, and is now making them in all sizes.  They're available at a Target near you, and they're on sale.  Not everybody jump at once!  Check out these gangsta modeling skills! You know you want one! They were not our list however, so they remain at the store.  I checked to see if the silver rubs off on your hands, it doesn't.  I'll remember this coat though, the next time I need a light jacket for moon exploration. I had a great Saturday!  After Target, Gretchen and I ate out at Outback, from which I just dusted off my leftovers.  Yum.  The Outback Special truly is special!  And so is Gretchen.  All kidding aside, I don't know what I would do in this city without her.  It's awesome to have a friend that gets you, and shares your bizarre sense of humor.  Shout out Gretchen! Thanks for the memories!  Watch out Pittsburgh.. these models may be on the move again soon!  New_pics_019New_pics_022


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Gretchen said...

Oh yes!This outting was truely the bomb. I am pretty bummed I can't afford the poor man's hummer :(