Friday, April 28, 2006

Ann, meet Pittsburgh

The last time I wrote here, I was anticipating Ann's visit to Pittsburgh.  She came, she went... we had a blast.  There was a lot of shopping, eating, talking, and not very much sleep.  Such is the life of best friends.  Please please pray for Ann.  She's a teacher, and apparently it's incredibly hard to get a teaching job in this town. (Like trying to get into Harvard hard)  Ann wants to move here.  I would love to have her here.  It just doesn't make sense that we are both spending lonely single Friday nights, two states apart.  If we were roommies again, at least there would be someone to eat dinner with, rent a chic flic with, etc.

Here are some highlights from Ann's visit:

New_pics_002_1 Of course, I did a fabulous job of driving around to all of the cool sites, to sell the Steel City as the happenin' place that it is.  There were moments we were lost... but welcome to life in a car that I am driving.  You must be patient.  I have no real sense of direction, but for some reason remain confident that I know where I'm going, much like a male.

New_pics_033 Yumm.  One of the things I miss most about rooming with Ann is her cooking.  We grilled out, and it was so good.  Salmon. Ahh...

I had my first trip to PNC Park to see the Pirates play... I told you I was going to be their new fan, right?  Well, guess what?  I must be a lucky charm.. they beat the Cardinals like 12 to not very much... don't remember the exact score... I didn't wear my glasses.  Note to self for next time: Must be able to see score, it's worth sacrificing cuteness.New_pics_050New_pics_046

  And of course, no trip would be complete with out taking our ceremonial bad picture together.  Ann's cheesing a little hard here, and I just... well, quite frankly.. look like a corpse.

New_pics_032 ipod envy. period.  The persuasive powers I have truly are amazing.  Ann, welcome to 2006.  You have officially gone from not knowing what an ipod really was.. to having a cooler one than me.  You're welcome.

It went by too fast.  I had to work way to much that week.  I miss Ann already, and of course, we had our same conversation again tonight "I wish we just lived in the same town again."


Ann said...

I agree that I am smiling too much! I had a great time!!

danabrown said...

yes, a grand time. worth a big smile. :)