Sunday, March 19, 2006

now that's entertainment

Buble771361 Today I had my own personal Michael Buble' concert, twice.  Seriously, I bought the new DVD and played it on my computer while unpacking my office and I have to tell you, I am such a fan.  Let the record show that I have been a Buble' fan since the movie "Down With Love," so I'm not one of these posers that got on the fan wagon after his song "Home" was a #1 hit.  I love him.  As you already know I also have a weak spot for Harry Connick Jr.  I'm not quite ready to say that Buble' is top throne to Connick, but he's so stinkin' cute, oh and that voice... Seriously, get the DVD.  It's so entertaining.  I just love this guy, and you can look at him and tell he's funny, I think he was a fat kid... they always end up being the funniest.  He has the cheeks.  Such a cutie.  Anyway on the DVD, he starts joking Josh Groban, then Josh comes out, and they impersonate eachother, it's great!  Oh, and he turns pop star for a few minutes and does a Maroon 5 song.  And at the end he does a duet with Chris Botti.  It's the best 30 bucks I've spent in the last month.  Get it.  Michael Buble, "Caught in the Act."  And the DVD comes with a CD too... so you can travel with Michael and sing along in the car.  He's been compared to Frank Sinatra... I have a lot of love for Old Blue Eyes, but I'd take Michael any day of the week.

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