Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beat the Press, Breaking News, am music & American Idol

Captwhmc10203222126 Well, isn't this just the pot luck update?  So, blogs are officially on the map.  Today President Bush was speaking in Wheeling, WV and he played along as the audience blamed the current demise of the war in Iraq on the media.  He said he's all for a free press, and Americans have all kinds of ways to communicate to get around that.  Blogs are one option.  Fellow bloggers: we are on the map!  We are vindicated!  The Commander in Chief has told us to be so.  Seriously, I feel bad for President Bush.  Certainly he didn't WANT a war.  Certainly he didn't want thousands of young Americans dying in a foreign land.  Certainly he didn't want a 31% approval rating.  That sucks.  I would be depressed if only 31% of people liked me.  Heck, I can't handle it if one person is upset with me for any length of time.  Hang in there George.  I'm thinking it will get better.  As for the war, I don't really want to get into all of the politics... even on my own free blog... but I will say that as long as my brothers and sisters are over there fighting, I will not waver in my support of them.  I pray for them.  That they will be safe.  That they will be well.  That their tour of duty will help Iraqis have lives worth living.  God bless them all.  Back to the media point.  Being a member of the media, I obviously have a bit of subjectivity here.  It is the media's job to question authority.  We are your voice.  We must question.  We must find the truth.  We must.  I do not agree that it's the media's job to push a certain agenda.  And I do worry that the select few powerful people who happen to hate the President have too much pull... but all I can control is myself.  I am committed to finding, telling and reporting the truth in a way that viewers want, can understand and process.  Okay, long time on that topic. Sorry.  And broadcast writers are supposed to be concise!!  Geez. Wrap.

In other news... sorry for the lame segue... I told you, I'm trying to be more vigilant at updating this space.  Like my headline?  Yeah.  So today was CRAZY at work.  Every story in my newscast could have been a lead today.  The President speaking in the region.  A woman who was missing for 10 years is found alive and claims she was held in a house for four of those years against her will.  Now she's back with her family.  Oh, and a man who was shooting a pigeon in Downtown Pittsburgh sends the city into a whirlwind of chaos and lockdown, and two hours of wall to wall local news coverage.  All for a pigeon.  Please... all the worry and lost commercial time for that?  I don't usually like to come  home and write about the events I've covered at work all day because I spend all day typing those into a computer... the last thing I want to do is come home and do it... but, like I said... today was CRAZY.  Oh, there was also the 90 year old woman who woke up in the middle of the night becasue a car was on top of her.  Yeah, a car.  A guy was speeding, flipped his car, it went through her house and landed on her, in her bed.  She just has bruises.  She said she read an extra chapter of her Bible last night.  Whew.  God bless her too.  And I need to be better about reading my good night Bible stories. 

Now, I'll have to get back on point if I'm going to deliver on my headline.  So, I've realized how important the soundtrack of the morning commute is.  I spend about half an hour in traffic every morning on my way into work.  The tunes totally set the day.  I have a great mix going now.  Something for every type of morning.B000aa301g01B000b7bzm401B000bfh2s201 B000cd0p8m01 B000cr7rde01 B00006jj5a01


Finally, now I don't usually jump on the American Idol bandwagon until like the last couple of weeks... but I've been watching so far and my favorites are Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry.  I'm hoping little chicken little, Kevin, will be voted off tonight.  Pack your bags Kevin.  Sorry.  It's time to play ball.

One more note... happy 30th birthday to the wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny and talented Reese Witherspoon!

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