Wednesday, March 15, 2006

all or nothing

I wish it wasn't the case.. but that's just how I am.  All or nothing.  In life.  In faith.  In work.  In blogging.  Everything.  I am either all in, or all out.  Totally obsessed with something, or hardly interested.  I don't have much of a middle ground.  I wish I was more "all" about my blog.  Some of my friends have the most interesting, funny, challenging and faithful blogs.  I just don't. Sorry.  Sorry that more often than not, if you check this, there's nothing new.  Nothing to report for days... then in one night, I'll get a glimmer of inspiration and blog and blog and... well, you get the picture.  Why am I like this?  Oh well...  Be that as it may, get ready to read.  I'm having an "all" night.  I got caught up on my e-mail and myspace... I'm current, in the e-world at least... I suppose that's better than nothing. 

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