Sunday, February 12, 2006

terrible towel

Goodbyewavy_026 Now that I am officially a Pittsburgher, I have to lament about "The Terrible Towel."  I got mine from a former co-worker who is from this city, Mike Booth.  Shout out Mike -- thanks for the towel.  My last night at WAVY, the anchors were doing their Super Bowl picks and my TT made an appearance.  Les waved it around and wished me the best.  That meant a lot to me.  Producing is kind of an "all guts, no glory" kind of job.  Sorry for the cliche', but it's true.  Even after 6 years of producing, it's still cool to hear your name on the air.  Thanks Les.

Goodbyewavy_043Goodbyewavy_041Goodbyewavy_046Goodbyewavy_047_12 days later, it was time for me and my TT to cheer on the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  Being in Pittsburgh for the Super Bowl was surreal. I have to thank my friend and Pittsburgh welcoming committee chairwoman, Gretchen, for including me in the festivities.  What an awesome time to start a new life in this city!!

I have since learned more about the Terrible Towel.  It has an interesting beginning.  You can read the story of how it came to be here:

Terrible_towel04_1Terrible towels are everywhere.  Last week I saw soldiers in Iraq waving them and even an elephant at a local zoo twirling one around.  Now I am one of them. (a towel waver, not an elephant) Woo hoo!

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