Sunday, February 12, 2006

my new ride

Goodbyewavy_021 I got a new car!  It smells new and everything.  I am uber-pumped about this.  It's the first car I've ever bought.  I am spoiled, I know.  My last car, the Red Mustang was awesome.  I miss it.  Mostly because I have such precious memories of my grandfather getting the car for me.  It was such a blessing.  I was shocked.  I know this may sound crazy -- but even though Papa isn't with me anymore, I still feel like he helped me get my new ride.  I got the Escape on Ford's "A plan," it's a discount program for family members of Ford employees/retirees.  For 30 years, my Papa Tom worked on the assembly line in Norfolk, building dashboards to go in Ford trucks.  He retired more than 20 years ago.  He passed away in 2003.  But he's still with me.  All those years of hard work helped me buy this new car.  I love it.  And I still feel connected to Papa Tom.

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