Saturday, November 26, 2005

she bangs, she bangs

Do you ever have a day where you just feel "frumpy?" Like, nothing is right.  Well Tuesday felt like National Frumpy Awareness to me.  My hair wouldn't lay right.  My eyebrows were all over the place.  My clothes were too big (not a complaint, merely a statement).  I had 3 zits that felt like Mt. Everest, the Matterhorn and Mt. Trashmore respectively, no so candidly on my chin... and I was feeling, frankly, "frumped out."  Well, I took action.  I made it to about 11:00am at work... and I called a salon I've never been to, and made an appointment.  I needed intervention.  The place is called "Changes," and well, I got one.  I told the stylist to do whatever she wanted to my hair (I didn't have the money for haircolor) and she gave me a straight style with bangs.  Now, a couple of months ago, I cut my own bangs, but they weren't nearly as heavy, or as cute.  I seriously have bangs now.  There's no hiding it.  I like it.  What do you think? (you can see the pic below on my Thanksgiving post in the pic with my brother)

1 comment:

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