Saturday, November 26, 2005

let your hair down

A couple of weeks ago, I was inspired by a post on my friend Gretchen's blog (check it out: about Courtney's past hairstyles.  I looked back at my hair over the years and it's funny.  You should do it.  I would be willing to bet everyone around my age has the three following stages documented: 1.  The mullet. None of us wanted it, but it was the 80's and we were too young to protest our parents cutting our own hair in the kitchen (half of them had mullets at the time too) 2.  The perm.  Remember when you were about to start middle school and you felt all big and bad, and ready for sassy Seventeen magazine hair?  This usually also involved a chair in the kitchen.  The smell was awful and unforgettable.  and 3.  The beginning of the slippery slope of hair dye.  For me, it was the summer before 10th grade.  My mom actually suggested I highlight my hair.  Of course, it got out of control, and over the years I have gone from a brunette, to almost platnium, back to the fake greenish/purplish brown, to a mix... there have been ups and downs... but this is where I remain.  That's a short hair history for me.  Funny pics will follow.  Please send me your hair-u-mentary.  If you don't want me to post it, I won't... but I think this could be fun! 

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