Sunday, November 13, 2005

cute baby!

Isn't it amazing how every female is born with the ability to dote over a cute baby, standard?  I will debate any female who says she didn't get that gene.  It's suppressed.  You may want to try therapy.  I acknowledge my maternal instincts, although I admit they are sometimes freaky. When I brake at the last minute, my right arm goes over whatever is in the passenger seat in my car. (which is usually nothing more than a magazine, a bottle of water, and a lunch bag)  I haven't ever even come close to being anyone's mother (unless you count my cat) yet when I see a baby, I'm quick to lather my hands in antibacterial hand stuff and join the crowd.  Every time someone brings a baby in the newsroom, the whole news operation practically shuts down.Meannkarinbraden_1 

Last weekend, I drove to Roanoke to visit my dear friend Ann.  We had lunch Saturday with another friend, Karin, her husband and their beautiful baby boy, Braden.  (if you frequent this space you know the pre-existing feelings I have for another little boy with that same name, spelled differently)  Anyway... I loved seeing Braden.  And I'm so happy for my friends.  They make such a cute family.

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