Saturday, November 26, 2005

cold case

Last Sunday, when I went to church, I picked my cold Bible up from the front seat of my car, when a harsh reality hit me.  This Bible was cold.  This Bible, the written word of my God, is cold.  I left it out in cold.  It was there all week... in my car.  It doesn't do any good sitting in a cold car for a week.  This is an admission.  My Bible often gets cold.  Why is it that I can have an honest yearning to know the Lord more, yet still leave my Bible in the passenger seat all week?  This humanity thing is hard to grasp, even though it is a reality.  I am thankful though, that my God isn't cold.  He was with me even though I abandoned His Word.  I am not a cold case in His eyes, thank God.

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