Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a whole new world

Yeah, I know... the title brings back memories of Aladdin. No magic carpet here. I can't believe it, I'm blogging! I would be remiss not to give credit to my blogging forefathers.

Ronandfish Here's my Emmy speech of the blogging world. I first heard of the word from my pastor, Ron Jones. He leads Symphonic... the church I am a part of. I say that loosely because I haven't been that great about going lately. Thankfully, they still love me. I know Ron does. I love him too. His blog is awesome!! www.symphonic.blogs.com

BrianwilliamsSecond, is Brian Williams.  No, contrary to my wildest imagination, he's not a personal friend of mine, nor a co-worker.  But hey, maybe someday, huh?  And I'll tell him how I can't get through an afternoon at work without refreshing his blog every hour.. or, maybe not, for the sake of not appearing to be a stalker.

GretchenAnd I have to send a little shout out to my new friend, Gretchen. She started out as Courtney's friend, then she was Courtney's ultimate matchmaker, because she is Courtney's new husband's cousin. I guess she's Court's cousin now too! Anyway I met her because we were bridesmaids together in Courtney's wedding... Gretchen is hilarious and fun to be around... Her blog is full of laughs, I promise. http://gretchenrgb.blogspot.com

Click and enjoy!

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