Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So, You Were A Gymnast?

I broke my neck as part of a performance gymnastics routine. When I tell my story I usually leave that part out. I'll say, "It was a sports injury", or something like that instead and let others ask for details. That's because, no, I wasn't a gymnast.

Our high school ministry at church performed at schools and churches throughout the school year. The performance was packed with martial arts, dramatic skits, mime, singing, and performance gymnastics. When appropriate we closed the event with an opportunity for the audience to come forward and learn how they could begin a relationship with the Lord.

Everyone tried out for these teams. We practiced Wednesday nights throughout the school year. It took dedication from the students who committed to the teams. Most of us were also active in school sports and other activities too. It was a pretty intense and a great experience.


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Reading your intro on another site I was struck by our similarities. My husband broke his neck at c-3 when he was 17. I met him after he had it in control. We've now been married 37 years. The first 30 were really a easy ride compared to our aging years. But we are strong as a team and face the future with God at our head. Its just good to know someone else is out there.....

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