How to Make Yummy Roasted Chicken Breast

Last Sunday, while Mr. Wonderful did a little bit of this…
I came up with a yummy Sunday Dinner.
It has to be a Sunday thing for us, because during the week, I can’t take more than half an hour to cook anything, or we’ll majorly miss our bedtime.

All you need is some chopped up veggies…
I used a red onion, potatoes, mushrooms, celery, and green onions. I tossed them with some Wegmans Basting Oil, thyme, rosemary and some poultry seasoning.

You’ll also need some chicken. I did a double chicken breast, because that’s what I had in the freezer.
But, a whole roasting chicken would be good, too. Rub her down with some basting oil, salt and pepper… and put her on top of the bed of veggies…
Then, cover the dish with some tented aluminum foil.
Roast at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes, or so, depending on the weight of your chicken, and your own oven, and ENJOY!
I’ve been having so much fun with our fresh veggies from Arganica! We’re getting another delivery tomorrow morning and I. am. pumped.!!

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